10 Most Popular Punjabi Newspapers to Follow

10 Most Popular Punjabi Newspapers to Follow

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Punjabi culture and current affairs with our guide to the 10 Most Popular Punjabi Newspapers. Each newspaper is a window into the vibrant heart of Punjab, offering a unique blend of in-depth news, local happenings, cultural insights, and spirited discussions. From the agricultural fields to urban centers, these dailies capture the essence of Punjab, making them a must-read for anyone interested in this dynamic region.

Punjab has a vibrant regional media landscape with several influential Punjabi newspapers playing an important role. These popular dailies cater to Punjabi-speaking populations locally and worldwide, providing extensive coverage of Punjab news, politics, business, sports, culture and more using natural language phrases.

This comprehensive article explores the top 10 most widely read and highest circulating Punjabi newspapers and news sites based on their reputation, reach and readership statistics.

List of 10 Most Popular Punjabi Newspapers

Table of Contents

1. Ajit

Website: www.ajitjalandhar.com

Established: 1941

Circulation: Over 7 lakh

Ajit is one of the most popular Punjabi daily newspapers published from Jalandhar. Established in 1941, it has the highest circulation among Punjabi dailies with over 7 lakh copies. It provides news coverage on politics, education, sports, health and entertainment.

2. Punjabi Tribune

Website: www.punjabitribuneonline.com

Established: 1961

Circulation: Over 5 lakh

Published by The Tribune Group, Punjabi Tribune is among the oldest and most read Punjabi newspapers covering regional news along with national and international stories. It was started in 1961 from Jalandhar where it continues to be headquartered.

3. Jag Bani

Website: www.jagbani.punjabkesari.in

Established: 1951

Circulation: Over 4 lakh

Jag Bani is a reputed Punjabi newspaper published by the Jag Bani Media Group. Established in 1951, it is published from Jalandhar and provides coverage across Punjab along with editorial content and literary sections.

4. Rozana Spokesman

Website: www.rozanaspokesman.com

Established: 1993

Circulation: Over 3.5 lakh

Rozana Spokesman is published from Jalandhar focusing extensively on the Doaba region. Launched in 1993, it is a mass-reach Punjabi daily with local news and city-specific editions.

5. Tribune

Website: www.tribuneindia.com

Established: 1881

The Tribune has a Punjabi edition providing regional coverage, analysis and perspectives along with its English edition published from Chandigarh. It offers Punjabi readers English daily’s editorial content translated.

6. Punjabi Jagran

Website: www.punjabijagran.com

Established: 2011

Punjabi Jagran offers the latest news with a focus on Punjab’s rural areas. Launched in 2011, it has multiple editions including Jalandhar and Moga among other cities.

7. Nawan Zamana

Website: www.nawanzamana.in

Established: 1999

Published from Jalandhar, Nawan Zamana covers Punjab news including politics, sports, entertainment, education, health and technology stories with a focus on the Majha region.

8. Ajj Di Awaz

Website: www.epaper.ajdiawaaz.in

Established: 2007

Ajj Di Awaz focuses strongly on the Majha region providing the entire spectrum of news from politics to business along with human interest stories. It is published from Amritsar.

9. Punjab Times

Website: www.dailypunjabtimes.com

Established: 2012

Punjab Times is a digital-only news platform offering latest Punjabi news on Punjab and Chandigarh along with national and global stories through its online portal.

10. 5 Dariya News

Website: www.5dariyanews.com

Established: 2011

5 Dariya News is an online news site providing extensive coverage of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Chandigarh.

This covers the leading Punjabi newspapers playing an influential role in the region using natural language terms.

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Evolution of Punjabi Print Media

Punjabi print media has a rich 200 year old history since the first Punjabi newspaper ‘Sudharak’ was published in 1844 by Christian missionaries. There are over 600 registered Punjabi newspapers and periodicals across India and Pakistan today.

Jalandhar has emerged as the publishing hub with multiple popular dailies headquartered there. However Punjabi newspapers also originate from other major Punjab cities like Amritsar, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patiala, Bhatinda among others. Many vernacular newspapers serve rural Punjab regions.

From politics to literature, business to sports – Punjabi newspapers cover every facet of the region’s culture. While adapting to the digital era, they continue catering extensively to local information needs.

Exploring Punjabi Press Beyond Newspapers

In the main article “10 Best Punjabi Newspapers and News Sites,” we delve deeper into the diverse world of Punjabi media, exploring various platforms that have been instrumental in keeping the Punjabi-speaking community informed and connected. The Punjabi press extends far beyond traditional newspapers, embracing modern technology and new forms of media to cater to its global audience.

Television Channels: The Visual Chronicle

  • 24/7 News Channels: Punjabi news channels offer round-the-clock news coverage, bringing local, national, and international news to viewers. These channels often include talk shows, debates, and special programs on culture and politics.
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle: Besides news, many Punjabi TV channels provide a variety of entertainment and lifestyle programs, including dramas, music shows, and documentaries that reflect Punjabi culture and heritage.

Radio Stations: The Voice of Punjab

  • Local and Global Reach: Radio stations in Punjab and among the diaspora offer a blend of news, music, talk shows, and community announcements, reaching listeners in remote areas as well as global Punjabi communities.
  • Interactive Platforms: These radio stations serve as interactive platforms where listeners can call in to participate in discussions, request songs, or share their opinions on various topics.

News Apps: Instant Updates in Your Pocket

  • Mobile Accessibility: With the rise of smartphones, several Punjabi news outlets have developed apps to provide instant news updates, live streaming, and interactive content.
  • Customizable Content: These apps often allow users to customize their news feed according to their interests, whether it’s politics, entertainment, sports, or lifestyle.

Online Portals: The Digital Transformation

  • Extensive Coverage: Online news portals offer extensive coverage of events and issues relevant to the Punjabi community, with the advantage of immediate updates and multimedia content.
  • Interactive Features: These websites often incorporate interactive features like comment sections, opinion polls, and social media integration, enhancing reader engagement.

Social Media: The New Public Square

  • Community Engagement: Social media platforms have become vital for news dissemination and community engagement, with many Punjabi news outlets maintaining active profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Viral Content: These platforms enable content to go viral quickly, ensuring that important news and cultural events gain widespread attention in real-time.

Top 10 Most Popular Punjabi Newspapers At a Glance

SerialNewspaperWebsite AddressDescription
1Ajitajitjalandhar.comProminent newspaper covering diverse topics.
2Punjabi Tribunepunjabitribuneonline.comNoted for its detailed reporting and analysis.
3Jag Banijagbani.punjabkesari.inLeading newspaper with extensive coverage.
4Rozana Spokesmanrozanaspokesman.comFocuses on current affairs and community news.
5Tribunetribuneindia.comKnown for its comprehensive English and Punjabi news.
6Punjabi Jagranpunjabijagran.comPopular for its wide regional reach.
7Nawan Zamananawanzamana.inJalandhar-based newspaper with political and social focus.
8Ajj Di Awazepaper.ajdiawaaz.inRenowned for its cultural and local news.
9Punjab Timesdailypunjabtimes.comCovers a variety of local and national topics.
105 Dariya News5dariyanews.comOffers news in both Punjabi and English.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the highest circulating Punjabi newspaper?

With over 7 lakh copies published daily, Ajit has the highest circulation among Punjabi newspapers.

Which city is the center of Punjabi print media?

Jalandhar has emerged as the hub of the Punjabi print industry with several leading dailies headquartered in the city.

Where is the Punjabi Tribune published from?

Though owned by The Tribune group, Punjabi Tribune is published from Jalandhar rather than Chandigarh.

Which Punjabi newspapers are headquartered in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh is home to leading dailies like The Tribune, Dainik Bhaskar, Punjab Kesari and Jag Bani.

Which digital platforms offer Punjabi news?

Leading Punjabi digital news sites are 5 Dariya News, Sikh Siyasat, Lok Sujag, Punjab Times, Punjabi Jagran.

How can I access Punjabi newspapers abroad?

Punjabi dailies publish international editions or have online portals catering to Punjabi diaspora in Canada, USA, UK, Europe etc.

Which Punjabi newspaper has the widest global reach?

With editions across Canada and Europe, the weekly Punjabi Post enjoys the widest reach globally among Punjabi newspapers.

Are there any Punjabi newspapers published in Pakistan?

Yes, leading Pakistan-based Punjabi dailies include Daily Sajjad Number, Chardi Kala, Sajjan Sajji, Akali Patrika etc.

Which newspapers frequently cover Punjabi cinema?

Ajit, Rozana Spokesman, Jag Bani, Daily Post provide extensive coverage of Punjabi entertainment and cinema.

What are the main English newspapers in Punjab?

The leading English dailies in Punjab are The Tribune, Hindustan Times, The Times of India and Indian Express.

Which newspapers have a strong digital presence?

Punjab Times, 5 Dariya News, Sikh Siyasat and Lok Sujag offer online-first Punjabi news coverage through their portals.

Where can I find Punjabi newspapers’ epaper versions?

Most major Punjabi dailies offer epaper portals to access the newspaper content in a digital format.

Are there business newspapers specifically in Punjabi?

Yes, prominent business dailies published in Punjabi are Business Punjab and Punjab Di Awaz.

Which Punjabi newspaper has been published for the longest time?

Khalsa Akhbar established in 1899 is considered the oldest surviving Punjabi newspaper currently in publication.


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