10 Most Popular Kannada Newspapers to Follow

10 Most Popular Kannada Newspapers to Follow

Embark on a literary voyage across Karnataka’s heartland with ‘10 Most Popular Kannada Newspapers to Follow’. This journey through the pages of Karnataka’s prestigious dailies is not just about staying informed; it’s an exploration of the rich tapestry of Kannada journalism. From the bustling streets of Bengaluru to the serene landscapes of Coorg, each newspaper paints a vivid picture of the state’s diverse culture, politics, and community life. Let’s delve into the realms where words resonate with the rhythm of Kannada hearts.

Karnataka has a vibrant regional media landscape, with influential Kannada language newspapers playing a key role in the state. These popular dailies cater to Kannada-speaking audiences across Karnataka with their extensive coverage of local news, politics, business, education, healthcare, sports and more using natural language phrases.

This comprehensive article explores the top 10 most widely read and circulating Kannada newspapers and news sites based on reach, reputation and readership statistics.

List of Most Popular Kannada Newspapers

1. Kannada Prabha

Website: www.kannadaprabha.com

Established: 1965

Circulation: Over 1 million

Owned by the New Indian Express Group, Kannada Prabha is the most widely circulated Kannada daily in Karnataka. It was started in 1965 and headquartered in Bangalore. Kannada Prabha is known for its mass appeal with coverage of political developments, sports, entertainment and local city-centric stories.

2. Prajavani

Website: www.prajavani.net

Established: 1948

Circulation: Over 875,000

Prajavani is a popular Kannada newspaper published by the Deccan Herald Group. Launched in 1948, it is based in Hubli and provides extensive coverage of North Karnataka. It is known for its local news focus and reader-centric approach.

3. Vijaya Karnataka

Website: www.vijaykarnataka.com

Established: 1941

Circulation: Over 725,000

Vijaya Karnataka is a long-running Kannada daily published by Times Group providing latest news, entertainment, sports and lifestyle journalism. Started in 1941, it is based in Bangalore and has a significant readership across urban Karnataka.

4. Varthabharathi

Website: www.varthabharathi.com

Established: 2007

Circulation: Over 400,000

Varthabharathi offers political insights, city-centric local coverage as well as national and international news stories relevant to Kannada readers. Launched in 2007, it provides incisive news analysis with regional focus.

5. Sanjevani

Website: www.sanjevani.com

Established: 1982

Circulation: Over 300,000

Sanjevani is a mass-reach regional newspaper published from Shimoga covering latest Karnataka developments. Founded in 1982, it has several district editions across Karnataka tailored for local readership.

6. Udayavani

Website: www.udayavani.com

Established: 1971

Based in Manipal, Udayavani is one of the most influential dailies in Udupi and Dakshina Kannada. Owned by Manipal Media Network, it has an expansive readership in coastal and Malnad Karnataka with a focus on regional news.

7. Samyukta Karnataka

Website: www.samyuktakarnataka.com

Established: 1948

Owned by The Printers Group, Samyukta Karnataka offers statewide news from its Hubli headquarters along with comprehensive district coverage through localized editions. Its mass coverage provides regional insights.

8. Praja Pragathi

Established: 1988

Praja Pragathi is a popular Kannada newspaper published from various cities including Bangalore, Mysore and Gulbarga with a pro-labour standpoint. It provides a left-leaning perspective on local and national affairs.

9. Janatha Madhyama

Established: 1973

Janatha Madhyama is the official newspaper of Karnataka’s communist party focusing on issues of the marginalized sections. It offers news and perspectives aligned with communist ideology.

10. Sudharma

Established: 1970

Published from Mysore, Sudharma is India’s only daily newspaper currently published in Sanskrit catering to a niche literary audience. It offers news and cultural coverage promoting the Sanskrit language.

This list covers Karnataka’s influential Kannada newspapers read widely across the state using natural language terms.

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Top 10 Most Popular Kannada Newspapers At a Glance

SerialNewspaperWebsite AddressDescription
1Kannada Prabhakannadaprabha.comRenowned for politics, business, and education news.
2Prajavaniprajavani.netOne of the largest Kannada-language newspapers.
3Vijaya Karnatakavijaykarnataka.indiatimes.comMajor daily, part of The Times Group.
4Varthabharathivbnewsonline.comKnown for its comprehensive regional coverage.
5Sanjevanisanjevani.comLeading Bangalore-based newspaper.
6Udayavaniudayavani.comPopular for its diverse news content.
7Samyukta Karnatakaepaper.samyukthakarnataka.comOne of the oldest newspapers in Karnataka.
8Praja Pragathiprajapragathi.epapertoday.comWidely distributed in Tumkur, Chitradurga, and Davanagere.
9Janatha Madhyamajanathamadhyama.epapertoday.comLocal newspaper published in Hassan.
10Sudharmasudharma.epapertoday.comKarnataka’s only daily newspaper published in Sanskrit.

Exploring Kannada Press Beyond Newspapers

Beyond the realm of print, the Kannada media landscape is diverse and evolving.

TV Channels: Kannada television channels like Udaya TV and TV9 Kannada offer a wide range of programming including news bulletins, talk shows, and cultural programs.

Radio: Radio stations such as Radio Mirchi and All India Radio provide a mix of news, music, and talk shows, catering to diverse audiences across Karnataka.

News Apps: The digital shift has seen the rise of Kannada news apps like Vijaya Karnataka and Udayavani, offering personalized news feeds, live updates, and interactive features.

These platforms collectively contribute to a robust and dynamic Kannada media ecosystem, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Evolution of Kannada Print Media

Kannada print media has a history of nearly 200 years since the first Kannada newspaper ‘Kannada Samachara’ was published in 1843 by German missionary Rev. Ferdinand Kittel in Bangalore.

Over the decades, Kannada newspapers have grown tremendously with over 1000 registered print publications today including dailies, weeklies and monthlies.

The leading Kannada dailies have editions in major cities like Bangalore, Hubli, Mangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga, Manipal to provide local coverage across regions. District and taluka level vernacular papers also serve smaller towns.

From politics, business and sports to literature, arts and culture – Kannada newspapers cover every aspect of Karnataka’s rich social fabric. While adapting to digital media, Kannada print journalism continues to have an indispensable role in the state’s public discourse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the highest circulating Kannada newspaper?

Kannada Prabha has the highest circulation among Kannada dailies with over 1 million copies published daily across Karnataka.

Where are most Kannada newspapers published from?

Major Kannada newspapers are published from hubs like Bangalore, Hubli, Mangalore, Mysore, Gulbarga and Manipal.

Which newspapers have a leftist ideological stance?

Praja Pragathi and Janatha Madhyama present news with a communist and leftist perspective.

When was the first Kannada newspaper started?

Mysooru Vrittanta Bodhini launched in 1843 was the earliest digitally printed Kannada newspaper.

What are the major English newspapers in Karnataka?

The Times of India, Deccan Herald and The Hindu have Karnataka-focused English editions.

Where can I access Kannada newspapers online?

Leading Kannada newspapers have ePaper portals and websites like Kannada Prabha ePaper, Vijaya Karnataka ePaper etc.

Which newspapers are popular in North Karnataka?

Varthabharathi, Vijayavani, Sanjevani and Prajavani have significant readership in North Karnataka.

Who publishes the newspaper Sudharma?

Sudharma is published by Srinivas Vishnu Goud in Mysore and is India’s only existing Sanskrit daily.

Which newspapers cover literature extensively?

Vijaya Karnataka, Prajavani and Sudharma have weekly literary supplements and book coverage.

Are there Kannada newspapers focused on business?

Varthabhoomi and Money Mirror are leading business and financial dailies published in Kannada.

What major weeklies are published in Kannada?

Popular Kannada weeklies include Taayi Nadu, Garibi Hatao, Diganta Pravaha and Karmaveera.

Which publishers have the most Kannada newspapers?

Times Group and New Indian Express Group publish multiple leading Kannada dailies.

Which digital news sites offer Kannada content?

Prominent Kannada digital news platforms are Kannada Dunia, News Karnataka, Vartha Bharathi, OneIndia Kannada etc.

Where can I submit news stories in Kannada?

Leading Kannada dailies like Vijaya Karnataka, Prajavani have portals for common people to submit news articles and stories.


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