10 Most Popular Malayalam Newspapers to Follow

10 Most Popular Malayalam Newspapers to Follow

Dive into the captivating world of Malayalam journalism with our curated list of the 10 Most Popular Malayalam Newspapers to Follow. These newspapers, deeply embedded in the heart of Kerala’s culture, offer more than just news; they are a testament to the rich linguistic heritage and vibrant societal discourse of the Malayalam-speaking community. From insightful political analyses to heartwarming local stories, these publications bring the essence of Kerala to life, making them an essential read for anyone interested in the region.

Kerala enjoys a vibrant regional media landscape, with several influential Malayalam newspapers playing a pivotal role in the state’s social, cultural and political discourse using natural language phrases. These popular dailies have widespread readership across Kerala.

This comprehensive article explores the top 10 widely circulated Malayalam newspapers and news sites based on circulation, reputation and regional impact.

List of Most Popular Malayalam Newspapers

1. Malayala Manorama

Website: www.manoramaonline.com

Established: 1890

Circulation: Over 2.5 million

The largest circulating newspaper in Kerala and the second most read in India after The Times of India. Malayala Manorama is owned by the Malayala Manorama Group and headquartered in Kottayam. Known for its immense reach and impact across Kerala through multiple editions as well as focus on quality journalism.

2. Mathrubhumi

Website: www.mathrubhumi.com

Established: 1923

Circulation: Over 1.3 million

Mathrubhumi is Kerala’s second largest newspaper published from Kozhikode. It is considered a left-leaning liberal paper with high emphasis on ethical, balanced journalism. Mathrubhumi engages readers with its incisive political commentary, human interest stories and cultural coverage.

3. Madhyamam

Website: www.madhyamam.com

Established: 1987

Circulation: Over 935,000

Madhyamam ranks among Kerala’s leading dailies with a pan-Kerala reach. Published from Kozhikode, it is seen as a progressive, secular paper. Started in 1987, it has witnessed steady growth in circulation and readership across Kerala.

4. Kerala Kaumudi

Website: www.keralakaumudi.com

Established: 1911

Circulation: Over 600,000

One of the oldest Malayalam newspapers started in 1911 during Kerala’s freedom movement, it is known for its mass appeal and tabloid style journalism. Kerala Kaumudi provides entertainment and sensational news along with local coverage.

5. Mangalam

Website: www.mangalam.com

Established: 1995

Circulation: Over 550,000

Mangalam offers latest news, politics, human interest and entertainment stories relevant to Kerala in a compact format. Its straightforward style and regional focus has made it popular.

6. Deepika

Website: www.deepika.com

Established: 1887

Circulation: Over 300,000

Deepika is one of the oldest Malayalam dailies with a pro-church, pro-minority standing providing ethical news reportage. It was established in 1887, making it among the earliest newspapers in Kerala.

7. Sathyam Online

Website: www.sathyamonline.com

Established: 2018

A digital-only news site focused on investigative journalism and data-based stories on Kerala and national affairs. Its innovative multimedia storytelling formats have attracted youth readers.

8. Deshabhimani

Website: www.deshabhimani.com

Established: 1942

The official newspaper of Kerala’s communist party with mass reach across Kerala, known for its Marxist ideology. Launched during the freedom movement in 1942, it has played a key role in Kerala’s political discourse.

9. Chandrika

Established: 1933

One of Kerala’s oldest newspapers headquartered in Kochin and focused on news relevant to the region. Chandrika has an editorial stance aligned with the Indian National Congress party.

10. Janmabhumi

Website: www.janmabhumidaily.com

Established: 1955

Janmabhumi offers latest news, analysis and stories with a nationalist ideological stand. Published from Kottayam and Kochi, it has significant readership across central Kerala.

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Evolution of Malayalam Print Media

Malayalam newspapers have a rich history dating back to 1847 when the first Malayalam newspaper Rajyasamacharam was published under Church Missionary Society in Kerala.

Over the decades, Malayalam print media has grown tremendously to include over 1000 registered newspapers today, making it one of the most vibrant regional newspaper landscapes in India.

The leading dailies have editions across major cities and towns in Kerala to provide comprehensive statewide coverage. Local level vernacular papers also serve smaller towns and village populace with hyperlocal reportage. Magazine and periodical culture is also very strong in Malayalam.

From politics to governance, literature to culture, Malayalam newspapers cover every facet of Kerala society in depth. The industry continues to adapt and thrive in the digital age through websites, apps and multimedia journalism.

Top 10 Most Popular Malayalam Newspapers At a Glance

SerialNewspaperWebsite AddressDescription
1Malayala Manoramamanoramaonline.comAmong the most widely read Malayalam newspapers.
2Mathrubhumimathrubhumi.comA major daily Malayalam-language newspaper.
3Madhyamammadhyamam.comKnown for its editorial independence and integrity.
4Kerala Kaumudikeralakaumudi.comA prominent daily with wide readership.
5Mangalammangalam.comA popular Malayalam weekly.
6Deepikadeepika.comThe oldest Malayalam-language newspaper in publication.
7Sathyam Onlinesathyamonline.comOffers news from Palai and Kottayam.
8Deshabhimanideshabhimani.comLeading Malayalam newspaper based in Kochi.
9Chandrikachandrikadaily.comNoted for its comprehensive coverage.
10Janmabhumijanmabhumi.inKnown for its cultural and political reporting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the highest circulating Malayalam newspaper?

With over 2.5 million copies, Malayala Manorama has the highest circulation among Malayalam newspapers.

Which are the oldest Malayalam newspapers still active?

Deepika (1887) and Kerala Kaumudi (1911) are among the earliest Malayalam dailies still operational today.

Where is Mathrubhumi newspaper published from?

Mathrubhumi is published from Kozhikode in Kerala by the Mathrubhumi Printing and Publishing Company Limited.

What is Madhyamam newspaper’s political affiliation?

Madhyamam is seen as progressive and secular in outlook but has an editorial style aligning with Muslim views.

Which digital-only news platform focuses on investigative journalism?

Sathyam Online offers digital-first investigative and data journalism on Kerala and national issues.

Which newspaper is affiliated to Kerala’s communist party?

Deshabhimani is the official newspaper of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala.

When was the first Malayalam newspaper published?

Rajyasamacharam in 1847 is considered to be the earliest Malayalam newspaper published in Kerala.

Which newspapers have editions in Lakshadweep?

Deepika and Madhyamam have dedicated editions offering local news coverage in the Lakshadweep islands.

Are there India-focused Malayalam newspapers abroad?

Yes, leading publications like Mangalam publish Malayalam newspapers focused on news from India for readers in the Gulf countries.

Which newspapers cover Kerala’s arts and culture scene?

Malayala Manorama, Mathrubhumi, Madhyamam provide extensive coverage of Kerala’s culture, arts and entertainment space.

What are the major English newspapers from Kerala?

The New Indian Express, The Hindu, and Deccan Chronicle have Kerala-focused editions as leading English dailies from the state.

Which digital news websites offer Malayalam content?

Prominent Malayalam digital news platforms are Manorama Online, OnManorama, Mathrubhumi News, Madhyamam and Kerala Kaumudi Online.

What weekly/monthly magazines are popular in Malayalam?

Top Malayalam weekly and monthly magazines include Bhashaposhini, Grihalakshmi, Vanita, Thejas, Kunkumam and Fire.

Where can I access epaper versions of these newspapers?

Most major Malayalam newspapers offer epaper versions on their website to read exact print content digitally.


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