10 Most Popular Tamil Newspapers and News Sites

10 Most Popular Tamil Newspapers and News Sites

Delving into the vibrant world of Tamil journalism, our journey uncovers the 10 most popular Tamil newspapers and News Sites, each a beacon of regional storytelling and journalistic excellence. From the bustling streets of Chennai to the serene landscapes of rural Tamil Nadu, these publications not only inform but also shape the socio-cultural discourse. Join us as we explore these pillars of Tamil media, where tradition meets modernity, and every page turn reveals a unique blend of local news, insightful editorials, and compelling narratives.

Tamil Nadu has a vibrant media landscape with several influential Tamil language newspapers catering to local readers. These leading publications provide trustworthy news, timely insights, engaging content and strong regional coverage.

This article explores the top 10 must-follow Tamil newspapers and news sites based on readership, reputation and reach.

List of Most Popular Tamil Newspapers

1. Daily Thanthi

Website: https://dailythanthi.com

Established in: 1942

Circulation: Over 1.3 million

Owned by Thanthi Group, Daily Thanthi is the highest circulating Tamil daily. Headquartered in Chennai, it has 10 editions across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Known for its credible journalism, it covers politics, business, entertainment and more.

2. Dinamalar

Website: https://www.dinamalar.com/

Established in: 1951

Circulation: Over 1.2 million

Dinamalar is one of Tamil Nadu’s most read newspapers published from Chennai in 7 locales. It is popular for its authentic local reporting and engaging features on cinema, culture and lifestyle.

3. Malai Malar

Website: https://malaimalar.com/

Established in: 1977

Circulation: Over 1 million

Malai Malar focuses on local district-level news catering to rural and semi-urban audiences. Headquartered in Chennai, it has 7 editions across Tamil Nadu including Coimbatore and Madurai.

4. Dinakaran

Website: https://www.dinakaran.com/

Established in: 1977

Circulation: Over 800,000

Published by the Sun Group, Dinakaran is a popular Tamil daily focusing on political, district and crime news. It has 10 editions across Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru and Puducherry.

5. Dina Mani

Website: https://www.dinamani.com/

Established in: 1987

Circulation: Over 600,000

From the Kasturi & Sons group, Dina Mani offers national, local and sports coverage. It publishes 7 editions in Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy.

6. The Hindu Tamil

Website: https://tamil.thehindu.com/

Established in: 2013

Circulation: Over 150,000

The Hindu Tamil is the Tamil edition of India’s respected English daily The Hindu. Launched in 2013, it publishes news stories from The Hindu translated into Tamil.

7. Thinaboomi

Website: http://www.thinaboomi.com/

Established in: 1937

Circulation: Over 100,000

Thinaboomi is one of the oldest Tamil dailies based out of Madurai. Owned by N. Ram, it offers latest news, incisive editorials, and coverage focused on southern Tamil Nadu.

8. Theekkathir

Established in: 1982

Theekkathir is the official newspaper of Tamil Nadu’s Communist Party published from multiple cities in the state. Known for its communist ideology and anti-establishment stand.

9. Viduthalai

Website: https://www.viduthalai.in/

Established in: 1942

Vidhutalai is a prominent Tamil newspaper published from multiple cities including Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai and Vellore. It provides news and analysis with a pro-Dalit ideology.

10. Tamil Murasu

Website: https://www.tamilmurasu.com.sg/

Established in: 1935

Circulation: Over 40,000

Tamil Murasu is a popular Singapore-based Tamil evening newspaper catering to the Tamil diaspora. Owned by Singapore Press Holdings, it offers news from Singapore and Tamil Nadu.

This list covers some of Tamil Nadu’s most influential and widely read newspapers – both traditional and digital. By following their coverage, one can stay abreast of the state’s political, economic and socio-cultural landscape.

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Exploring Tamil Press Beyond Newspapers

In addition to the top Tamil newspapers and news sites, the Tamil press extends to various other media channels, each playing a pivotal role in disseminating news and information.

TV Channels: Tamil television channels offer a wide array of news programs, talk shows, and special reports, providing viewers with a visual and engaging news experience. These channels often host debates and discussions, bringing diverse viewpoints to the forefront.

Radio: Tamil radio stations are a crucial source of news and entertainment, especially in rural areas. They offer a blend of news bulletins, talk shows, and cultural programs, connecting listeners with local and global events.

News Apps: With the rise of smartphones, Tamil news apps have become increasingly popular. These apps provide instant news updates, personalized content, and interactive features, catering to the tech-savvy Tamil audience.

Each of these mediums contributes to the rich and diverse tapestry of Tamil media, offering varied perspectives and reaching different demographics.

Top 10 Most Popular Tamil Newspapers At a Glance

SerialNewspaperWebsite AddressDescription
1Daily Thanthidailythanthi.comPopular Tamil newspaper with widespread readership.
2Dinamalardinamalar.comLeading Tamil newspaper available in various cities.
3Maalai Malarmaalaimalar.comDaily Tamil newspaper published from Chennai and Coimbatore.
4Dinakarandinakaran.comRenowned Chennai-based Tamil-language newspaper.
5Dina Manidinamani.comDaily publication in Chennai and Coimbatore.
6The Hindu (Tamil)tamil.thehindu.comTamil version of the prestigious The Hindu newspaper.
7Thinaboomithinaboomi.comTamil daily based in Madurai.
8Theekkathirtheekkathir.inPublished by the Communist Party of India.
9Viduthalaividuthalai.inDelivers latest news and headlines in Tamil.
10Tamil Murasutamilmurasu.orgEvening Tamil newspaper published in various cities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the highest circulating Tamil newspaper?

Daily Thanthi has the highest circulation with over 1.3 million copies published daily across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

What are some top Tamil newspapers focused on district news?

Leading district-centric Tamil dailies include Malai Malar, Dinakaran, Thinaboomi and Viduthalai with localized editions in Tamil Nadu cities.

Where can I find Tamil newspapers online?

Most major Tamil papers like Daily Thanthi, Dinamalar, Dinamani etc. have official news sites and e-paper versions for accessing content digitally.

Which political party owns Theekkathir Tamil newspaper?

Theekkathir is the official newspaper of the Communist Party of India and serves as its mouthpiece in Tamil Nadu.

Are there Tamil newspapers published outside India?

Yes, Tamil Murasu published from Singapore and Malaysia Nanban from Malaysia are leading Tamil dailies catering to global Tamil populations.


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