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About Khaleej Times

The Khaleej Times is an everyday English daily newspaper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that is published in English alone. The Khaleej Times, which was first published on April 16, 1978, is the UAE’s longest-running English-language daily newspaper.

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Sample Publication at Khaleej Times
Sample Publication at Khaleej Times

History of Khaleej Times

The daily was initially published on April 16, 1978, as a result of a collaboration between the UAE government, the Galadari Brothers, and the Dawn Media Group in Pakistan. It was the first English-language daily to be published in the UAE. The founding team is composed of Mahmoud Haroon, Muzammil Ahmed, M.J. Zahedi, Malcolm Payne (the first editor-in-chief), and Iqbal Noorie, who were all members of the Pakistani national football team (in charge of circulation). After a short time, Patrick Heyland, who had been in charge of advertising and promotion, joined the group.

The general news part, City Times (lifestyle and entertainment), a business page, a sports segment, the WKND magazine, and an advertisements section are all included in the broadsheet (Buzzon). Special bulletins and supplements are also included in the newspaper, which allow for the publication of community ads and the provision of additional services. Its primary competitors are The National, Gulf News, and, until recently, 7days, which went out of business in December. In September 2020, Khaleej Times launched a free news monthly subscription on Telegram, in which it would give subscribers daily news updates in the form of regular news updates. is the newspaper’s global online presence, representing the newspaper all over the world. There are more articles and exclusives available on the website that are not available in the print version. Special supplements are also published by Khaleej Times, including ones commemorating national holidays in nations such as the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and India. This publication has a cumulative audience of up to 15 million people.

Editorial Board of Khaleej Times

Many different nationalities are represented on the editorial board of the paper, with the majority hailing from the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), but there are also Emiratis, Arabs from other parts of the region (notably Egypt, Syria, and Jordan), Lebanese, Mexicans, British, Americans, and Filipinos among those who work for the paper.

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